Helping Hands Adult Day Services

Quality care can be hard to find. When you visit us, you'll change your mind!

Caregivers: We Are Here to Help You and Your Loved One

Does your elderly or disabled loved one need more help than you can give? Perhaps your loved one suffers from a mental, emotional, or physical impairment and is:

  • In need of special attention throughout the day - an extra bit of love, a few more hugs, and some special care;
  • Unable to take care of themself while others are away; or
  • Just a little bit different or a little bit more vulnerable.

If this is your situation, Helping Hands Adult Day Services, with locations in Clinton and Capitol Heights, MD may be the solution to your dilemmas! Our Clinton location is currently accepting existing vaccinated clients. We will accept new clients starting May 1, 2021.

What Makes Helping Hands Adult Day Services Different

Helping Hands Adult Day Services is a unique concept: a daycare center for adults who are unable to look after themselves during the day wrapped up in the warmth and unconditional caring that only comes from people who truly care about others. At Helping Hands Adult Day Services, each and every person is given the specialized attention they need and deserve.

What is it that makes Helping Hands Adult Day Services different from an attendant you might hire to look after your loved one or any other care facility? The answer is simple, and the very essence of the services we provide—at Helping Hands Adult Day Services we take care of your loved ones just the way you would if you had the time and resources to do so.

We are not clinicians just going about our duty or hired caregivers earning our wages with our day job. Your loved one will never be treated like a patient; every individual enrolled at Helping Hands Adult Day Services is a special gift and addition to our group.

Get to Know Us

If you’ve been having trouble providing safe, secure, and expert care for someone who needs it, then look no further. At Helping Hands Adult Day Services you can expect the very best in training, infrastructural support, and professional caregiving.

We are not just a service; we’re a family and a home away from home for your loved one. 

Medical Day Care Services for Your Loved One

Vision Impairment



Alzheimer's Disease

Parkinson's Disease

Sundowner's Syndrome


Cerebral Palsy

Asperger's Syndrome

Autistic Disorders

and more!

Need 24-Hour Care?

Visit our sister site, Norfield Acres Assisted Living, for Level II, 24-hour custodial care for your loved one.