4 Tips to Keep Your Elderly Dependent Healthy and Happy

Caring for an elderly loved one can be extremely rewarding . It can also bring significant worry and stress. Here are some tips for safeguarding those in your care.

Watch That Diet!

Make sure that your elderly loved one’s daily nutritional requirements are being fulfilled. The elderly can be vulnerable and prone to illness, so a healthy diet low in fat and salt is important. When too much salt and fat are absorbed in the blood system, circulation becomes sluggish and recovery from illness can slow down. Focus on serving your loved one a healthy amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. This will help to ensure that essential vitamins and minerals are in the system and can assist with tissue regeneration.

Help Improve Their State of Mind

Do all you can to create and maintain a safe and comfortable environment for your elderly loved one. Establishing daily routines can help minimize panic and stress.

Monitor Physical Health

Encourage your elderly loved one to get regular health checkups. Make a note of health changes between checkups and report them to the doctor. Early diagnosis of illnesses and diseases can result in better health outcomes for older adults.

Make Exercise Part of the Routine

Daily physical exercise may not be possible; however, 15-20 minutes of exercise 2-3 times a week is better than no exercise at all. Simple activities like going to a shopping mall, gardening, or walking a pet can be helpful and count as exercise. These activities get the juices flowing and can help diminish joint stiffness.