The Sandwich Generation

Have you heard of The Sandwich Generation? It is the generation born between 1950 and 1970—also known as The Baby Boomer Generation. The Sandwich Generation has become an appropriate term because, according to research, about 1 out of every 8 Americans is supporting a child and caring for a parent.

This can cause a great deal of stress—being responsible for generations before and after us and the demands that come with caring for and/or supporting them. We don't have to think much when it comes to the needs of a newborn; if he/she cries it's usually because a diaper change is needed or it's time to eat.  You also have a plethora of classes, books, and support groups to help guide the way. There's joy in abundance as you anticipate how this new being will take his/her place in the world.

Caring for aging parents is another story. While there is some joy in knowing that your parents are around, the senior years mean there will only be one outcome—at some point the end will come and you, as a member of The Sandwich Generation will be there as your parents make their transition. It's not easy seeing your superhero parents become frail and helpless. The people who were always there to help you will now need your help, whether they want it or not.

Now's the time that you can finally give back and your parents deserve your attention for all the years they sacrificed for you.  There is support available if your parent(s) can no longer live independently. From home care to medical adult day services to assisted living to nursing homes, there is help available. Please check our resources for more information.